Look around your home and we are sure you are bound to spot a piece of furniture or maybe an accessory such as a lamp-stand that somehow does not fit into the decor anymore and you don't know what to do with it.


Worry no more, because we at Imarim specialise in refurbishing items that may not look so attractive right now but can actually become objects of desire with a bit of re-design, colour and a whole lot of fun. Just bring your articles to us and we promise to give them a new lease of life, be it a side-table, a stool,  a chair or maybe just a lamp-shade.

Brought new life to two old wooden giraffe pieces

From being a chair that was tucked away in the dark crevices of a home, to a chair that became an integral part of the living room

A fun piece created for a teenager's room. 

A cutlery tray designed for an overseas client. 

Set of fruit bowls to adorn the dining table. 

An object d'art for a beautiful living room. 

An intricately worked on chest of drawers for a client. 

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