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Colourful spaces bring joy, warmth, and a positive energy. India is known to be the land of colours, yet slowly we seem to be removing colour from our lives.
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Our surroundings are becoming more sterile and clinical. 

With the lines blurring between office and home, corporates are also laying emphasis on making

the work environment more friendly and comfortable. Similarly, people are wanting to come home to

a warm and lively space. 

At Imarim, we take all your needs into consideration, and give some colour therapy to your space. 

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We make a house feel like a home

     What we bring to the table 

  •      Our expertise is in colour and how to incorporate pops of colour to a space to liven it up.

  •      We bring some warmth and earthiness to your space in a more eco-friendly way. 

  •      Doing up a home need not burn a hole in your pocket. We will suggest numerous up-cycled/DIY ways to do up a        space. Working within your budget is of utmost importance to us. 

  •      A unique hand-painted door or wall can add that extra wow factor to any space.

  •      Whether its re-styling your existing home, or bringing in new elements to enhance it, Imarim has you covered. 

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  •     We undertake no civil work (this includes plumbing, wood work, tiling, white wash, changing of fittings, etc).


  •     We are not trained interior designers, but are people who have been associated with the field of art for many years. Once we see a space and understand a client’s requirements, we instinctively come up with ideas and designs. 


  •     We do not provide any 3D mockups. However, all elements of the re-styling process will be shared with the client and purchased only after approvals. 


  •     Once we understand the scope of work, we will charge a flat fee before we begin work. 50% of the fee is to be paid before commencement of any work. 

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