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Hello! We are Riti and Maanya, a mother and daughter duo! 


Welcome to the colourful world of Imarim!


Imarim is your one stop shop to all things bright and beautiful. Be it home decor, wall art, furniture or re-doing spaces.

We believe in living a more vibrant and positive life,

starting from the home. 

Based in Gurgaon, Imarim started off as a small hobby, a love for painting. Transforming our old home items into beautiful pieces of decor brought us immense joy! After receiving such a positive reaction from all of you, we opened an online store for our products, where we could share the joy with you. Taking our love for colours further, we are now helping people re-style their homes to make them a more cozy and vibrant haven! 


I, Riti, have been an advertising professional all my life. Thinking out of the box and coming up with new and innovative concepts has become a part of me now. My love for nature and passion for working with my hands is what Imarim fulfils for me. 


I, Maanya, a graduate from the Arts University Bournemouth, am a visual artist. Dabbling with colour has always been a passion of mine. Painting canvases is fun, but what truly excites me is art not just hanging on a wall, but being part of a space. 

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